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    Disappointed Del. Bromwell Voted No on School Safety

    As a parent of two BCPS students, I am very disappointed that Del. Eric Browmell voted against Del. Bob Long's non controversial school safety bill (Baltimore County - Public Schools - Active Assailant Event Training and Drills).


    After the recent events in Parkland, Fla,, there have been emotional talks on both sides of the aisle for either more gun control or arming teachers. This bill is common sense legislation that Del. Long has worked on for almost two years. It just requires BCPS to provide training and drills that comply with guidelines established by the United States Department of Homeland Security.


    We hope our teachers and students never have an active assailant event in our schools, but we need them prepared if, God forbid, they had to face that horrific situation.


    Every Democrat, Republican and Independent should support this common sense bill, but it failed 10-9 as Del. Bromwell decided to vote with most Democrats instead of caring about school safety. When I am elected to the House of Delegates, I will support common sense legislation to protect our children.

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  • Volunteering

    My name is Ben Boehl and I am a Republican candidate running for the Maryland House of Delegates in District 8. Our District presents a rare opportunity in Maryland to pick up a Democratic seat in the House of Delegates to help promote Governor Larry Hogan's agenda of creating more jobs and reducing regulations and taxes. Most of the Democratic districts are too gerrymandered for Republicans, but we can take the Senate seat and all three House seats in District 8.

    This race is not going to be easy as I am going up against the Democratic establishment but I need your help. Yes I would like to receive donations at my donations page, but if you can not afford to contribute, I need your time. I want to build a strong team so we can go out and get voters to the polls. There is a lot to do between now and June 26 and Nov. 6

    District 8 is a very winnable race, but we need candidates that can win in November. I will win with your help. That is why I need you on my team.

    Please sign up to volunteer at http://www.electbenboehl.com/volunteer


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  • Active Shooter Bill

    We have all watched the tragic events in Parkland, Fl and sadly the conservation has become political as both sides have their plans for children safety. Republicans are never going to agree on a gun ban and Democrats are not going to approve of the idea of allowing teachers to carry in the classroom.

    The one idea that we should all agree on comes from my former boss Del. Bob Long. About two years ago, Del. Long came up with the idea of an active intruder bill. He watched an active shooter video from the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security that told people how to react during a shooting. That resulted in Del. Long creating HB 23 Baltimore County - Public Schools -Active Assailant Event Training and Drills.

    Let's pray it never happens again, but this bill would help students and staff prepare with drills if the unthinkable were to take place in Maryland. Just watching the video gives you tips on how to try to handle the situation.

    This is common sense legislation that every Democrat, Republican and Independent should agree on. We hate that we have to even think about this legislation, but it is a sad reality. We have to be prepared. Please sign Del. Long's petition.


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  • I am running for the MDHouse of Delegates in District 8

    My name is Ben Boehl and I am a Republican candidate running for the Maryland House of Delegates in District 8.
    I am a local guy that has been a life long resident of Baltimore County. I am a product of Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) and a graduate of CCBC and Towson University. I am married with three kids that also attend BCPS.
    After working eight years at a warehouse on the night shift, I joined the local media at the East County Times and the Dundalk Eagle for close to a decade. That experience gave me the opportunity to see the strengths and also the needs of our communities.
    I had the honor of working as a Legislative Aide in Annapolis with Delegate Bob Long’s office for two years. It was a great experience as we worked to help promote Gov. Larry Hogan’s agenda of lowering taxes and increasing jobs.
    However; working in Annapolis was also frustrating as members of the Democratic Party continued to block Gov. Hogan’s agenda by trying to put more of a burden on working families and businesses across the state.
    The Democratic Party still has enough members to derail our Governor’s plans, but we have a chance to end their control by picking up more seats in the General Assembly. There is a chance to take away a seat from the Democrats right here in the 8th District!
    Please join our team as we will work hard to get down to Annapolis to represent the needs of our great communities in Nottingham, Overlea, Parkville, Perry Hall, and Rosedale.
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